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Design Tours – An exploration of Philippine Design, Arts, and Culture

Design Tours, under the banner of Design Week Philippines, promotes Metro Manila’s design, arts, and cultural destinations for Manila FAME buyers and visitors: Culture and Architectural Landmarks, Manila Galleries and Art Houses, and CITEM’s very own, HallOne: Design for Exports, a permanent showroom for exceptionally designed products.
Design Tours 1
Design Tours 2
Design Tours 3
Design Tours 4Design Tours 5For more information about the Design Tours, contact dwpsecretariat@gmail.com.

Design Talks and Fora: Architecture and Design in Today’s Philippines

Design Week Philippines organized Architectural Talks, a three-part forum that tackles design in the context of cultural preservation and economic growth under its Design Talks and Fora component. Design Week Philippines invited three of the best minds in Philippine architecture to share their insights on Philippine architecture and design in today’s modern setting.

The Impact of Cultural Heritage on Design

Arch. Augusto Villalon discusses how heritage plays a part in today’s design. According to him “it is global design whose roots are in Filipino tradition that stand out.” He advices to keep an eye on the many inspirations that our extraordinary cultural heritage can give to design. He stresses that heritage should not be exploited. “Recognize, appreciate, and revive traditional skills. Respect traditional design and skills.”

Indigenous Filipino Architecture in the Modern Setting

Arch. Angelo Mañosa presents the many indigenous materials — from coconut and bamboo, to capiz and rattan — incorporated into Philippine architecture and design, citing examples such as Pasay City’s Coconut Palace and the Bamboo Mansion of Puerto Azul Resort in Cavite. He says that “by using indigenous materials to go hand and hand with architecture and design, we allow the evolution of the bahay kubo and bahay na bato to contemporary Philippine architecture.”

Green Architecture for Sustainable Cities

Arch. Amado De Jesus, Jr. states that with rapid urbanization, pressure is put on the living environment — challenges like pollution, transportation, health and sanitation, and energy efficiency. The solution, according to him, is green and sustainable development which aims to mitigate the problems posed by urbanization through site planning, water conservation, materials and indoor environmental quality. According to him, “energy efficiency is the main trust of green architecture.”
The Speakers:
Augusto Villalon, PhD, FUAP
Architect, Cultural Heritage Planner
Consultant for the UNESCO World Heritage Committee
Advisory Body Member, International Council for Monuments and sites (Paris)
Trustee, National Museum of the Philippines
Miguel Angelo S. Mañosa
Architect, CEO of Mañosa & Co. Inc.
Managing Partner, Mañosa + Architects
Founding Member, Philippine Green Building Council
Member, Green Architecture Movement of the United Architects of the Philippines
Amado P. de Jesus, Jr., FUAP
Architect and Founder, APJ & Associates
Founding Chairman, Green Architecture Movementof the United Architects of the Philippines
Initiator and Vice President, Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI)

Creative Hotspots: An Artistic Pulse at Manila FAME

Manila FAME, ever the purveyor of a creative Philippines, presents the Creative Hotspots where all things artistic pulses and resonates. Asia’s Design and Lifestyle Event brings four hotspots from around the metro to showcase the creative movement currently thriving through the country’s new generation of entrepreneurs, artists, and lovers of design and creativity.

Strokes of brilliance brought life to these Creative Hotspots and have remixed Metro Manila with their ingeniousness and uniqueness, standing out from the backdrop of urban Philippines, ushering in a modern era in Philippine design and creativity.

Resurrection Furniture and Found Object for 10A Alabama

10 alabama collage

Ronac Art Center

ronac collage

The Collective

the collective

Van Gogh is Bipolar for 154 Maginhawa Street

van gogh collage

Sustainable Bamboo and Craftsmanship at Manila FAME

Through the years, the Philippines has made a name for itself with its myriad of traditional crafts and age-old disciplines that transform natural materials into unique handcrafted creations. At Manila FAME, deeply-rooted tradition is once again brought to the forefront through live demonstrations of traditional Philippine crafts at the Crafts Spots.

This edition puts the spotlight on bamboo and its use as a source material for handicrafts. With the current global shift towards sustainable materials, bamboo is gaining popularity because of its versatility, durability, and sustainability.

Bamboo Carving

bamboo carving collage

Bamboo Shaving

bamboo shaving collage

Bamboo Basket Weaving

basket weaving collage

Quotes from Manila FAME’s Creative Team


Josie Natori on curating Manila Wear:

“It’s a great pleasure. I’m so proud of all these very talented young designers and to see the work here. It’s a great opportunity for every one of them to be able to show their personality and show their best. I think it’s time that the world knows about the creativity and the wonderful products they can get from Philippine designers. FAME has been an amazing venue for that. Just exciting to see all these creativity in one booth.”


Budji Layug on the Millennial Home and being part of Manila FAME:

“I think this is very good for young designers and seasoned designers to come together and to come up with new products that would be more global, more vibrant, and more youthful.

I am grateful (to be part of Manila FAME). I am humbled to be a creative director and I hope this is a beginning of a long, creative endeavor with everybody.”

Kenneth Cobonpue on his designs and exhibit this year:

“This year I’m exhibiting a range of very, very colorful and very modern, very fresh pieces. I think when you think of Philippine furniture it’s always natural materials. They seem to be always very warm, bright, just a lot of color to make it fully unique.”