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Heritage Reimagined: Manila FAME’s modern take on timeless classics

  • As Manila FAME marks its 70th edition this October, the trade show will give a modern twist to the icons of past editions to give it a fresh look.

Established throughout the years as the Philippines’ premier design and lifestyle event, Manila FAME, through its product development initiative will once again showcase new and innovative products from a collaboration between Filipino manufacturers and renowned Filipino designers. The Design Commune, the trade show’s central special setting will highlight more than a hundred new design-forward pieces from the furniture, fashion, home décor, and lifestyle sectors.

With several new trends looking towards the future of design and fashion, the Design Commune’s current theme takes exception by looking back at the time-honored traditions of Philippine design and material culture while creating new products suitable to the modern lifestyle.

“Heritage Reimagined” looks back at the archives of the exhibitors, a goldmine of talents and ideas under the tutelage of Manila FAME to incorporate timeless trends into modern interpretations for the next generation. Under the fresh and upbeat creative direction of Vince Uy, a team of designers from the home, lighting, furniture and fashion sectors will tackle the challenge head on to develop a bevy of designs and product concepts that take heavy influence from the treasure trove of cultural iconography and product designs that Manila FAME and its exhibitors have amassed and have been immersed in throughout the decades.

Here are some of the pieces redesigned to capture the attention of modern buyers:


The weaving pattern used in the vintage wooden chairs popularized in the 1980’s was given a new fashion twist in this Solihiya bag by Island Girl PH.




The traditional banig is imagined to be more than just a sleeping mat—these colorful wedges by LARA are bound to become a sleeper hit in the fashion scene.


Wear your culture.JPG

Formerly used for costumes and traditional clothing, these iconic Filipino textiles are now given new life in ready-to-wear designer clothes by Wear Your Culture.


The staple and sophisticated round hand purse has a new groove—Beatriz Accessories specializes in adding quirk and color to everyday fashion pieces.

These are just some of the pieces produced from the collaboration of exporters and design luminaries through the Design Commune. Visit the show on October 17-19, 2019 at the World Trade Training Center Metro Manila for more exciting products.

For this year, the Asia’s best design destination will likewise feature a roster of other exciting offerings. The show will have a Green Conference that focus on sustainable solutions, an Artisans Village that highlights regional specialty products and a Fashion E-Tailer segment which features online retailers of rising fashion brands.

Manila FAME is organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through its export promotion arm, the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM). It is made possible through a funding support from the congressional initiative of Former Senator Loren Legarda who now serves as the Congresswoman of the lone district of Antique.

As a melting pot of Filipino creativity, Manila FAME is the Philippines’ premier sourcing destination for high-quality artisanal products. It serves as a cultivating ground and springboard for innovative, top-of-the-line Philippine products and designers to break through key international markets. Visit www.manilafame.com for more information.


Regional Specialty: Liliw Laguna Home of Export Quality Footwear

  • Manila FAME October 2019 features the stories of two rags-to-riches shoe-makers from one of the shoe capitals of the country.

Upon reaching the quaint town of Liliw, Laguna, you will already see rows and rows of footwear makers and distributors lined up along the cobbled street of Gat Tayaw. Here, they offer different shoe designs in export quality that became one of the many if not the main reason tourists are attracted to Liliw.

Determined to make it big in the shoe industry, two homegrown shoe makers heed the call of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to join trade exhibits not only to widen their market but to hone their entrepreneurial skills.

Ai-She Footwear

Just a year in the business, Ai-She Footwear already made its first foray in Manila FAME. Owner Corazon Coligado’s marketing approach was to actively join DTI’s regional and national trade fairs. This paved the way for opportunities she never imagined could happen on her first year and first try in Manila FAME.


Corazon Coligado in her shop in Liliw, Laguna.

“Because of Manila FAME, we are now a long way from retaining two employees and having a small nipa hut as a makeshift factory. Our first exhibit in the Manila FAME marked our very first export to Panama,” Coligado excitedly said.


Ai-She Factory in Liliw Laguna

After the success of her first participation in Manila FAME, it has become a yearly ritual for the Coligado’s. Her husband no longer needs to work as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and can stay with the family to help manage a growing company with workers that grew from two to 10 and now 60.

Ai-She’s mere nipa hut turned into a full-blown factory located in a vast land where the Coligado family now lives and where their employees have a place to raise their families.

“In Manila FAME, we meet new foreign clients every year. We were also able to join international exhibitions like the China-Asean Expo,” Coligado added.

Ai-she’s main raw material is abaca, a leaf fiber abundant in the Philippines. They use it for their most famous product, the espadrilles.

“To keep the interest of our local and international clients, we keep on developing new designs. We also source from areas such as Zamboanga and Ilocos as they deliver high-grade raw materials perfect to maintain the quality of our products,” Coligado explained.

“Our shoes are specially handcrafted and fully Filipino. I think that is our edge in the global marketplace. But, having a platform like Manila FAME to showcase our products is really the secret to our success that is why I am urging other aspiring SME’s to join Manila FAME,” she shared.

Jhaz Footwear

“Shoe-making is already in my blood, that is why at the first test of fate, I came back to this industry that I love most,” said Nephtali Moneda, Owner of Jhaz Footwear.

Jhaz has an interesting story to tell. As teenage love blossomed to couple Nephtali and Elvira, they felt the heavy burden of supporting a family. Opportunely, the livelihood that saved them also led them to great success.

The business started from just borrowing shoe stocks from friends and reselling them to different provinces around the country. The income generated were used to support their growing family, but they made sure to save, enabling them to open their own shoe stall at a then bakery stand.

In a place where throngs of creative shoe-makers were everywhere, Nephtali needed a venue to market his shoe designs and elevate his game. He found an opportunity when he was introduced to the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).


Nephtali Moneda, owner of Jhaz Footwear.

Nephtali’s first Manila FAME was way back in 2011. This edition introduced Jhaz to a Japanese buyer who has been their client ever since.

“Manila FAME made a big impact to our little shoe business. My mind was opened to export possibilities and opportunities and we were obligated to further develop our factory and our products,” Mr. Moneda added.

The success they reaped from hard work and smart ventures rippled in their community. Aside from employing 20 people in their factory, they also support households composed of 90-100 individuals who handle their abaca braiding, embroidery and other side jobs they can offer.


“We met clients in Manila FAME that really appreciate and patronize Filipino products. That is really different from just waiting for clients to visit your store. It really pays to have a channel to present your products,” Moneda ended.

The Manila FAME is slated on 17-19 October 2019, at the World Trade Center Metro Manila in Pasay City, Philippines. It is positioned as the country’s best platform to discover Filipino design and lifestyle products.

Manila FAME is one of the longest-running trade shows in Asia-Pacific and the first trade event in the country approved by the Union des Foires Internationales (UFI), the global association of the world’s leading tradeshow organizers and fairground owners, exhibition associations, and selected partners of the exhibition industry.

CITEM, the export promotion arm of DTI, organizes the Manila FAME as a signature event dedicated to Philippine design and craftsmanship.

Manila FAME is a launch pad for new Filipino export products and advocates for the promotion of Filipino talents in the global design industry.

Learn more about Manila FAME on www.manilafame.com. To receive show updates, follow Manila FAME on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Philippine designers stirred by their true artistic lineage

  • In a bid to continually inspire the design and creative community of the Philippines, CITEM partnered with CNN Life and Diamond Hotel Manila to invite famed curator Marian Pastor Roces for a talk on Philippine traditional art.

Feelings were moved as famed Filipino curator and author Marian Pastor-Roces shared her insights on the historical lineage of Filipinos in a whole-day talk held in Diamond Hotel Manila.


Marian Pastor-Roces inspires the Philippine design community

In a room full of designers and creative artists who have always been proud of their artistic heritage, one can only imagine the impact of finding out that all along you are a part of something bigger. Ms Roces revealed that the Philippines is more than just a country colonized by different explorers. The Filipino genealogy is part of ancient Austronesian speakers, a language family widely dispersed in Southeast Asia, Oceania and East Africa. This language group from thousands of years ago spread to various locations and started many ancient civilizations and has been the foundation of countries today.

Apart from highlighting our true ancestry that unfortunately was not taught in Sibika at Kultura, Roces also showcased some relics such as old weaves, jewelries, accessories, tools and equipment handcrafted by Filipinos. The exquisite beauty and the epic history enfolded in the different artifacts presented made everyone in the seminar appreciate even more the dynamic past of the country. It is a testament that the Philippines’ fertile soil, abundant waters and creative talent were already evident in the functional art of our ancestors.

Intricate weaves, gold encrusted armors and ancient weaponry are just some of the pieces that reflect Filipino artistry from thousands of years of colorful history. Regrettably, only a handful were left, and most were scattered in various museums around the globe. Filipino artisans and budding creatives of today cannot even study and appreciate the art of the past in its full glory.

This is the reason why Manila FAME, the country’s foremost trade event for design and lifestyle products continues to partner with the likes of Marian Pastor-Roces, a true pillar of history and the arts to inspire the artists of today.

As a melting pot of Filipino creativity, Manila FAME is the Philippines’ premier sourcing event for sublime quality artisanal products. It serves as a cultivating ground and springboard for innovative, top-of-the-line Philippine products and designers to break through key international markets.


Seminar on Philippine traditional art by Marian Pastor-Roces.

The seminar on Philippine traditional art was made possible by the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI’s) Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) in partnership with CNN Life and the Diamond Hotel Manila.

The 70th edition of the Manila FAME is slated on October 17-19, 2019 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Learn more about the event on www.manilafame.com. To receive show updates, follow Manila FAME on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Peacock Chair Reemerges at Manila FAME, October 20-22


Like a party of peacocks, nine emblematic chairs are poised to enthrall global buyers this October 20-22 at the World Trade Center in Manila FAME, the country’s premier design and lifestyle event. In collaboration with top Philippine SMEs, nine young and notable designers will recast the Peacock Chair (also called Philippine Chair) in uniquely modern versions, founded on the original design that captivated the world since its debut in the early 1900s.

Collaborating in this special showcase titled, ICON: Peacock Chair Redux, are Leo Sano for Locsin International, Mark Gerby Rivera for Country Accents, Inc., Jim Torres for Industria Home Vico Design and Manufacturing, Corporation, Tony Gonzales representing his own brand, A Greeting Card Co., Budji Layug for Kenneth Cobonpue, Jinggoy Buensuceso for Prizmic and Brill et Compagnie, Inc., Val Padilla for Luzon Rattan Industries, Leeroy New for MCCA Industrial Corporation, and Tes Pasola for Prado Filipino Artisans, Inc.

In a simple and organic design using steel frames and arorog weaves, internationally trained designer Leo Sano, in tandem with Locsin International, aim for the light, airy, and fluffed-up look, resembling the peacock’s feathers in its wide-open magnificent spread.

Country Accents, Inc., which collaborates with designer Mark Gerby Rivera, explores the essence of a peacock’s beauty and references on royalty. Using eyespots in resplendent hues of blue and yellow as highlights of a “birdcage-like” form, their design succeeds in combining the flexibility of rattan and firmness of steel and acorn wood.

Industria Home Vico Design & Manufacturing Corp. taps Jim Torres, a young Filipino designer for its Peacock chair entry in Manila FAME. Jim chooses metal to demonstrate the design values of the original Peacock Chair, including its intricate details, dramatic upper tail called coverts, and distinct hourglass base.

Designer and artist Tony Gonzales, who authored out of the box and globally acclaimed creations such as the Genie and the Melon chairs, is designing the peacock chair for A Greeting Card Company, a firm which Gonzales also heads. The company, which has been creating products out of handmade papers, is expected to produce a standout metal piece worthy of another global design award.

Kenneth Cobonpue, the self-titled company whose exceptional creativity and ingenuity has been recognized in various countries, including London, Italy and Germany and by renowned Hollywood celebrities, partners with designer Budji Layug to create its version of the iconic chair. With these two design bigwigs coming together to create a piece, nothing less than superlative is certain.

Prizmic and Brill et Compagnie, Inc., a company known for its signature style of juxtaposing the raw and traditional with choice modern materials such as select hardwood, hand tipped hides, brass, rattan, steel, glass and textile, very well complements the skills of visual artist and sculptor Jinggoy Buensuceso. Buensuceso, who made the 2,000-scale monumental modern dragon sculpture that wraps around the Green Sun Building in Makati City, is expected to produce a modern statement this October.

Luzon Rattan Industries picks veteran designer Val Padilla for its chair entry in Manila FAME, a challenging feat for the company that has been manufacturing and exporting original Peacock Chairs as well as other rattan furniture since the 1940s. Padilla, however, gamely accepts the opportunity to contemporize the once globally acclaimed design without losing its essential Filipino roots and taking advantage of the company’s deep weaving expertise.

Leeroy New, one of Lady Gaga’s costume designers in her music video, Marry The Night, designs for MCCA Industrial Corporation, an internationally renowned wrought-iron and glass-blowing company that produces indoor and outdoor furniture and decorative accessories. New, who has partnered with MCCA in the past, presents a stunning design of the peacock chair in all its bluish iridescence, achieving it through glass and metal.

The peacock chair has been described as “the fan chair, with its flared back and intricately woven details and throne-like, (its) head-framing seat reserved for royals.” More interestingly, the peacock chair carries its personal cachet, as narrated in “The Development and Effects of the Twentieth-Century Wicker Revival” by Emily A. Morris in her thesis for the Smithsonian Associates and Corcoran College of Art and Design in 2012. She stated that while few sources can track the accurate origins of the peacock chair, which she tagged “Manila” or “Philippine,” the American critics wove fantastical tales that involved Southeast Asian royalty and lush surroundings.

Come October Manila FAME, worldwide buyers will be treated to this one-of-a-kind metamorphosis and evolution at its ICON: PEACOCK CHAIR REDUX showcase.


Capture another piece of Philippine history as Manila Peacock Chairs preens its feathers again, this time in all its glorious plumage for the world to see!

Manila FAME, the country’s premier design and lifestyle event, is organized by CITEM, the export promotions arm of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). For more information, log on to www.manilafame.com.

Red Box Talents reveal four grand winners for 2015 design competition

The prestigious design development program initiated by DTI-CITEM culminated last night, 15 October 2015, with the awarding of the four grand winners out of the 140 aspiring designers who joined the competition. Under the mentorship of celebrated design icons Budji Layug and Lulu Tan-Gan, the four winners together with 10 other finalists, were immersed in a unique and intensive design and development process involving in-depth industry exposure and close collaboration with manufacturers.

Red Box aims to nurture the next generation of Philippine designers. In every edition of Manila FAME, Red Box continues its work with emerging talents by matching them with local manufacturers to create fresh concepts that reflect their unique design sensibilities.


In photo, from left: Lulu Tan-Gan, Mentor, Apparel & Fashion Accessories; DTI Secretary Gregory L. Domingo; Kristel Blancas, Grand Winner, Home Accents; Jim Torres, Grand Winner, Home Accents; Micki Olaguer, Grand Winner, Fashion Accessories; Thian Rodriguez, Grand Winner, Apparel; DTI-CITEM Executive Director Rosvi C. Gaetos; and Budji Layug, Mentor, Furniture & Home Accents.

Visit www.manilafame.com for more information.

ARTBLOCK: Pop-up exhibit of Philippine contemporary art at Manila FAME

Manila FAME, as a purveyor of design, inspiration, and creativity, unveils on its 62nd edition an exhibit that explores a vibrant lineup of contemporary art set to spur enthusiasm among artists, designers, discerning collectors, and trade visitors, on 15-18 October 2015, at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

Featuring works of both established names and promising newcomers in the Philippine art scene, ARTBLOCK is a provocative and engaging pop-up showcase of novel, avant-garde works handpicked from the progressive art galleries in the country such as Artlab, Avellana Art Gallery, Silverlens, The Drawing Room, and Tin-aw.

Word Paintings: Self Portraits by Chati Coronel is one of the various works to be featured at ARTBLOCK. Coronel received a Freeman Asian Fellowship Grant from The Vermont Studio Center in 2000. In 2013, she participated together with four other artists in the Louis Vuitton 20th Anniversary Exhibit in Manila. Her Singapore exhibit The First Kiss on Earth was listed in Artnet's Top Ten International Summer Shows of 2014.

Word Paintings: Self Portraits by Chati Coronel is one of the various works to be featured at ARTBLOCK. Coronel received a Freeman Asian Fellowship Grant from The Vermont Studio Center in 2000. In 2013, she participated together with four other artists in the Louis Vuitton 20th Anniversary Exhibit in Manila. Her Singapore exhibit The First Kiss on Earth was listed in Artnet’s Top Ten International Summer Shows of 2014.

Artists Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco own and curate Artlab, the family’s atelier that houses a large collection of artworks they have created and brought together over the decades. The art facility was a dynamic center for multi-media experimentation during the 1990s. Now located in Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa City, it merges the studio and exhibition space that is eight times bigger than its previous site on EDSA in Makati City.

Brimming with an assortment of works on display through the year, Avellana Art Gallery is a showcase in a 1950s-style house situated in a tranquil compound in Pasay City. Owned by Albert Avellana, the gallery began as the storehouse for his art brokerage firm dedicated to visual arts in 1991, but in 1997 he transformed it into a gallery which has now gained a loyal crowd of supporters. Avellana Art Gallery has helped in the advance and success of many emerging and well-known artists in the country.

Established in 2004 by Isa Lorenzo and Rachel Rillo, Silverlens is known as a top-ranking contemporary art gallery by artists and collectors throughout Southeast Asia. Its roster of artists include Patricia Eustaquio, Yee I-Lan, Luis Lorenzana, Gary Ross Pastrana, and Maria Taniguchi. Silverlens Galleries are located in Manila and Singapore.

The Drawing Room, founded by Cesar Villalon Jr. in 1998, started as an expert venue that managed the revitalizing of artworks on paper. It supported the works of local draughtsman and eventually expanded to include other artistic formats of contemporary art. Besides its monthly exhibitions of its stable artists which include Juan Alcazaren, Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan, Miguel Aquilizan, Yason Banal, Vermont Coronel, Gaston Damag, Roderico Jose Daroy, Kawayan De Guia, Kiko Escora, Roberto Feleo, and Alvin Gregorio, The Drawing Room regularly joins significant international events such as the Hong Kong Art Fair, Singapore Art Fair, and the Scope Art Fair in New York, Miami and Basel. The gallery was also an exhibitor in Pulse Los Angeles (2011), India Art Summit (2010, 2011) and Slick Paris (2010).

Launched in 2008, Tin-aw Art Gallery showcases artworks of influential Philippine and Asian artists such as Alfredo Esquillo, Mark Justiniani, and Joy Mallari. The gallery presents solo and group shows by both new and established artists in a humble space in Makati City. Although exhibitions at Tin-aw are often dedicated to paintings, art enthusiasts can also expect to view works in other media like sculpture, installation, and video, especially during group shows.

“The Philippine art scene is lively—as indicated by the active and remarkable art galleries all over the country. Our local artists are being praised in events abroad and their works are given high value in international auctions. We must give them our full support – provide them with more platforms to showcase their exceptional talent and connect with art collectors, investors, and enthusiasts. ARTBLOCK is a venue especially for that purpose,” said Executive Director Rosvi C. Gaetos of CITEM (Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions), the export promotions arm of the Department of Trade and Industry.

ARTBLOCK will be open for the expected 5,000 foreign and local trade buyers and visitors who will attend the 4-day run of Manila FAME to see the vast collection of export-quality products for home, fashion, and luxury lifestyle crafted by the small and medium enterprises from all over the Philippines.

ARTBLOCK will be open on 15-18 October 2015 in Manila FAME: The Design & Lifestyle Event, at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

Aurora: A Light Imprint by HYBRID

HYBRID presents a Northern Lights-inspired lighting installation at Manila FAME

HYBRID, an art and design group composed of Jinggoy Buensuceso, Wataru Sakuma, and Stanley Ruiz, joins the 62nd Manila FAME this 15-18 October 2015 for a lighting installation that is conceptualized and developed to promote the Philippines’ unique interpretation of light—capitalizing on Filipino artisans’ design skills, creativity, and high-quality craftsmanship. The installation is also made in in celebration of United Nations’ proclamation of 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies.


Buensuceso, Sakuma, and Ruiz collaborate on “Aurora—A Light Imprint,” an installation that fuses light and time to form an enchanting 3D imprint mid-air that mimics the colors of the Aurora Borealis, a natural phenomenon of bright dancing lights of the aurora that result from collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. These three designers explore materials to create objects that exist between (and beyond) furniture, product, sculpture, architecture, and media arts. They also adhere to process as the essence of their collaboration.

Using glow sticks that are activated and chain-linked to each other, the designers will place short-term light sources on structured panels, hanging in mid-air from the ceiling of the SMX Convention Center. The structured panels provide an impression of free-flowing movement in mid-air, while the flat, black panels above them serve as the night sky background against the activated glow sticks. The Northern Lights-inspired installation is in an enclosed setting to allow Manila FAME buyers and guests an immersive experience on the use of light-based technologies to translate messages to consumers.

HYBRID wants to promote lighting as more than just illumination.  They want to initiate an exploration of art designs that capitalize on light-based technology. HYBRID hopes to strengthen the lighting industry in the Philippines, by providing a source of inspiration that can spark innovative ideas from the sector.

Jinggoy Buensuceso is a visual artist and sculptor whose works, characterized by the use of clean lines with organic forms, evoke stories and statements of oneself, culture, and way of life. A three-time Mugna awardee, Buensuceso is considered an emerging figure in furniture design where he has created functional art pieces meant to evolve design into art.

Wataru Sakuma is a Philippine-based Japanese designer who has four KATHA Awards under his belt. His “REBAROQUE” collection, in collaboration with Stonesets, a furniture manufacturer in Cebu, was awarded the Mugna Transitional Design Award.

Stanley Ruiz has been working in the design industry since 1999, developing products for manufacturers in various regions of the world, including China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. His recent project includes a newly-released lighting collection for the Cebu-based manufacturer HIVE.


The 62nd Manila FAME, Philippines’ premier design and lifestyle event, is organized by the Center of International Trade Expositions and Missions, the export promotions agency of Dept. of Trade and Industry. The event will run through 15-18 October 2015 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. For more information, please log on to http://www.manilafame.com.