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Message from the Project Director: Unique by Design


james-booth-photoManila FAME-the Design and Lifestyle Event of Asia is ‘not just another Trade Show. It is indeed unique. And it is DESIGN PHILIPPINES that defines it and makes it unique. You will only see product that is Designed, Developed and Manufactured in the Philippines.

From its beginnings  DESIGN PHILIPPINES  has been about looking inwardly as well as outwardly. Inward from the point of view of nurturing, protecting and evolving ‘The Art of the Craftsman’ which is the very ‘Soul of the Philippines’. Outwardly – from a very worldly point of view. A vantage point that has carefully and thoughtfully considered and utilized natural and indigenous materials; a vantage point that has established leadership in the Global Community of Design. In so doing, ‘DESIGN PHILIPPINES as a movement’ has taken shape and now speaks with recognized authority in the world of Design.

This Movement includes Designer Brands such as NATORI, Kenneth Cobonpue, DEDON, and Vito Selma – successful international brands that not only have their ‘origins’ but their manufacturing base in the Philippines.  Others such as Ralph Lauren, Barbara Barry and McGuire have travelled to the Philippines specifically to manufacture collections within their brands. As well, countless retailers and wholesalers have come to the Philippines for the design and manufacture of their own Private Brands and/or Private Labels. It is this same manufacturing base that forms the core of Manila FAME – the Design and Lifestyle event of Asia.

The 57th edition of Manila FAME on  14-17 March 2013, once again puts DESIGN front and center. A group of nine designers in collaboration with nine world-class manufacturers under the creative direction of Budji Layug and Kenneth Cobonpue will be featured. The main feature of the show – The Millennial Home – will explore today’s new consumer – The Millennials – exploring how they live and the product that connects with them. Take a look at the sketchbook below – a glimpse of what to expect from three new designers being featured in this edition of Manila FAME:



See new and exciting show features at the 57th edition of Manila FAME on 14-17 March 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Message from the Project Director: Millennials and Sustainability


james-booth-photoSustainability is not just a “buzz word” for the Millennial. From a very early age – kindergarten in fact – the Millennial has been taught to recycle. They celebrated earth day in school and were taught about Global Warming from early on. They are very much involved in “cause marketing” that deals with endangered species, overflowing landfills and the large plastic waste that’s floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Millennials are an eco-friendly generation that are socially conscious and globally aware. Connected 24/7 through social networking channels across countries and cultures, they are committed to making the world a better place and intent on buying product that supports sustainable manufacturing and fair trade principles.

During the 57th edition of Manila FAME we will host a “Sustainability Forum.” A guest panel of professionals from various sectors of the industry will discuss the importance of sustainability from several different points of view. As well, the concept of Sustainability will be apparent in the show’s centerpiece presentation – The Millennial Home.Design Philippines has always been a leader in promoting Sustainability. The use of sustainable materials as well as environmentally sound practices of manufacturing are deeply embedded within the philosophy of “Design Philippines.”

Don’t miss the 57th edition of Manila FAME – The Design and Lifestyle Event of Asia. You will be able to connect with an assortment of incredible sustainable materials such as: rattan, buri, tinalak, bamboo, niyog, abaca, and nito. Come to the Philippines and see these fantastic indigenous and sustainable materials and how the designers render them into product that is unsurpassed in quality and value in the world. Your investment in time and travel will be well worth it!

Don’t miss Manila FAME on 14-17 March 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines. Come see! Come sigh! Come Buy!

James R. Booth

Project Director

Manila FAME

Message from the project director: The Millennial Challenge

Knowing one’s consumer has always been the key to success in business. Never has been this been truer than it is today.

Today every industry is faced with the coming to terms with how to connect with the new consumer – The Millennial. Millennials are digital natives; entrepreneurial, collaborative, social, confident and diverse – they are dedicated, driven and work hard to succeed. They are the keen minds behind the innovative designs of today. They have given us Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Yelp and apps too many to count. They are socially conscious and globally aware – connected 24/7 thru social networking channels across countries and cultures. Online and offline they are committed to making the world a better place. Aged 18-40 their spending power is here and in their lifetime they will spend $10 trillion US Dollars.

The 57th edition of Manila FAME – The Design and Lifestyle Event of Asia – will explore all aspects of the millennial consumer and how to connect to their spending power. The show will be all about product design that connects to and with the millennial psyche. About how the Philippines as an industry has kept the art of the craftsman alive and thoughtfully and carefully evolved that art with respect for the heritage of each craftsman into “Design Philippines” – a psyche unto itself that paves the way to connection with the new consumer and meets the millennial challenge!

James R. Booth

Project Director

Manila FAME

Manila FAME Oct 2012 Design Houses in Review

Manila FAME October 2012 introduced a new feature called Design Houses that feature a wealth of materials available in the country for product development. It also paired off up-and-coming designers with select exhibitors, giving them the opportunity to create settings that highlight Philippine artisanship and their individual creative talent.

Design houses-01

cover house

The 10 Designers of Manila FAME’s Design Houses
(L-R first row) Milo Naval, Olivia d’Aboville, Ito Kish, Wataru Sakuma, and Amina Aranaz
(L-R second row) Daniel Latorre Cruz, Vito Selma, Stanley Ruiz, Robert Alejandro, and Inigo Elizalde

Read through their inspirations in this collective look back at their visions for Manila FAME October 2012. Get to know their backgrounds from FAME Speak’s Mondays by Design entries.

DH Robert Alejandro





DH Group


DH Ruiz



The designers successfully translated “The Art of the Craftsman = The Soul of the Philippines” into designs that incorporated their own unique tastes, backgrounds and individual style. Each designer had a Design House which served as the entrance and exit to the show area. The Design Houses were done to create immediate impact and leave a lasting impression of the Philippines as a leader in craftsmanship and design excellence. These entry points acted as portals to view the variety of product designs, skills and materials found in the Philippines. Several visitors from the USA mentioned that the Design House products were “wonderfully inventive and original.”
Columnist, TV host and socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdes describes the Design Houses in her Philippine Daily Inquirer article, “Taking design to the ultimate level, these designers cleverly combined the country’s indigenous materials with their individual sensibilities.”


Manila FAME’s 57th edition is fast approaching and online registration is now open. Visit www.manilafame.com and reserve your spot at the Design and Lifestyle Event.

FAME and a promising 57th edition

On behalf of the people who have worked tirelessly for this show to be a success, I would like to thank everyone who supported and experienced Manila FAME. Expect a bigger display of unique and globally competitive products at the 57th edition of Asia’s Design and Lifestyle Event on 14-17 March 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.

And in case you’ve missed it, here’s the recap of the 56th edition of Manila FAME last 17-20 October 2012: Manila FAME by FRAME!

Interview with Manila FAME Project Director Mr. James R. Booth

American retail and sourcing expert James Booth, the Manila FAME Project Director, gives an interview about the upcoming Manila FAME October 2012.

Watch the first part of his interview here.

Watch the second part of his interview here.

See the Philippine craftsman at work. Don’t miss Manila FAME on 17-20 October 2012 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Presenting the 10 Designers for Manila FAME October 2012 Design Houses

Manila FAME designers are hard at work for the October Show in their individual design processes – exploring, developing and crafting products using the wealth of natural, indigenous materials the Philippines has to offer.” – James R. Booth, Manila FAME October 2012 Project Director

Robert Alejandro

This is a world of whimsy-this is where a bipolar moon shines among silver kinetic birds and other creatures of fancy. For my Design House, I chose to produce an absolutely new product line with completely new stamped and die cut metal images. I see these products to be in the homes and gardens of real, authentic, interesting, cool people who enjoy the simple (and sometimes not so simple) joys of life.

Amina Aranaz

My Design House is all about a glamorous summer and seaside lifestyle. It is expressed through two collections-Retro Seaside and Oceanic Opulence and includes beach baskets, resort clutches and bejeweled evening bags made of various Filipino natural materials which are distinctive of the summer season combined with luxe metals and finishes.

Daniel Latorre Cruz

Welcome to a sanctuary where DESIGNS, created by artisans, come to life. Where ‘hands and minds’ meet and form the very soul of the product.

Inigo Elizalde

The jeepney and the collage aesthetic it is known for inspires my Design House-this combined with the vibrant colors found in the Philippines and the use of age old textile designs drives my collection forward for today’s living.

Olivia d’Aboville

I am inspired by the coastal sea and its seabed. My installation composed of hanging lamps and woven fabrics evokes the nets of fishermen thrown into the sea and creatures swimming within them. Although subtle and quiet, the collection is rich with textures.

Ito Kish

All things Filipino inspire me. The Gregoria is my homage to my mother. This design house shows how we anchor our day-to-day life to religion and family.

Milo Naval

What my Design House will try to achieve is a collage-like presentation of natural materials. It will introduce very basic modern forms and shapes using these materials. I want the Design house to serve as a model concept for other designers and manufacturers.”

Stanley Ruiz

The Float is my homage to the original Filipino pop-up store: the ox cart.

Vito Selma

My Design House is a forest. It showcases the roots from where these products come and the furniture that grows from them. After all, what is a furniture show, but a forest of manufacturers; a forest of ideas; a forest of stories and a forest of DESIGN.

Wataru Sakuma

INFINITIMO is an introductory passage of an infinite folding story book of Filipino craftsmanship and artisans. Each page intricately hand crafted with recycled indigenous material, spreads open to unfold the illuminations created by artisans from various manufacturers. Each page unfolds and embraces the new chapter of the design industry in the Philippines.

Watch out for Asia’s Design and Lifestyle Event, the Manila FAME 2012 October edition which will be held on 17-20 October 2012 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila Philippines. Anchored to the theme “The Art of the Craftsman = The Soul of the Philippines,” their designs will be featured in the show’s “Design Houses” which will showcase the country’s abundance of natural and indigenous materials.