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PH Coco Coir now a sustainable and marketable material for export

Local and foreign visitors flocked to HallONE’s Coco Coir Exhibit and Material Showcase at the 63rd edition of Manila FAME.

Local and foreign visitors flocked to HallONE’s Coco Coir Exhibit and Material Showcase at the 63rd edition of Manila FAME.

HallONE, the year-round sourcing facility and creative space of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Mission (CITEM), proved coco coir as a unique, sustainable, versatile, and marketable manufacturing material by generating more than PhP 20 million potential export orders of coco coir products at the recently concluded 63rd edition of Manila FAME last April 21-24, 2016 held at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Uplifting the humble fiber from its traditional use in horticulture and soil management, HallONE showcased newly developed and innovative coco coir products for the home, fashion, lifestyle, and seasonal décor, drawing remarkable interest from its local and foreign buying companies and receiving a total of 213 inquiries during the Manila FAME event. The HallONE exhibit featured resort footwear, ladies’ shoes, Christmas ornaments and table tops, mats, carpets, mattresses, hanging and table lamps, vases, magazine organizers, storages, pet products, side by side with its traditional applications in the country.

"The trade fair (63rd Manila FAME) is a mark of an improvement. Despite the smaller number of exhibitors as compared to the past editions, the quality and creativity of the products remain excellent!" said David Faivus (right), one of the top level hosted buyers of Manila FAME from the US and owner of the pet toy brand Planet Pleasures. Faivus recommends the coco coir exhibit for sourcing as he is drawn with natural raw materials and handcrafted items. As a regular buyer at Manila FAME, he maintains a good rapport with the locals of Bicol where he sources most of his items.

“The trade fair (63rd Manila FAME) is a mark of an improvement. Despite the smaller number of exhibitors as compared to the past editions, the quality and creativity of the products remain excellent!” said David Faivus (right), one of the top level hosted buyers of Manila FAME from the US and owner of the pet toy brand Planet Pleasures. Faivus recommends the coco coir exhibit for sourcing as he is drawn with natural raw materials and handcrafted items. As a regular buyer at Manila FAME, he maintains a good rapport with the locals of Bicol where he sources most of his items.

In cooperation with the regional offices of the country’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI), and the Design Center of the Philippines (DCP), the newly developed coco coir products were designed and produced by the Philippine exporters and manufacturers from the home, fashion, lifestyle, and agri-industry sectors based in the provinces of Laguna, Quezon, and Bicol. These include Pilipinas Ecofiber Corporation, Coco Technologies Corporation, R. Cabrera’s Gifts and Collections, Charles and Clara’s Footwear, Ai-she Footwear, Jhaz Footwear, Sarilikha Handicrafts, Yarnyaa Handicrafts, Likhang Liliw Footwear Cooperative, Rolyolikha Atbp. Handicrafts, KAP-WESL Multipurpose Corporation, Martha’s Handicrafts, and Sowerscrafts Enterprises.

Miniature animal ornaments with strings and sticks, and animal-inspired Christmas trees made from coco fiber and coco peat were among the fast-selling products during the show, along with the ladies’ sandals, men’s slippers, beehive and nipa hut-inspired hanging lamps, cat houses and toys, and doormats as secondary favorites by foreign and local retailers and wholesalers.

“The products are very interesting and cute. The use of coco coir as raw material is something new to us buyers,” said Margie Adrada, a Filipina based in Seattle, who owns five Dekorasyon retail stores in the US, and never fails to visit every Manila FAME for product sourcing.

Initial orders from the US, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Japan were also placed through HallONE, while some serious orders are under negotiations with possible factory visits from Russia and Norway.

“It’s very surprising that the coco coir products would get this much attention and interest from foreign buyers and even from the local community. This is our first time to participate in this event, and we’re extremely happy with the outcome,” said Ramonito Bernales of Martha’s Handicrafts.

Besides the exhibit, HallONE’s Material Showcase, in partnership with the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA), the Philippine Coconut Authority (PhilCOA), and Timbermate-HMT Industries Corporation, also attracted buyers who checked and studied the featured raw materials available in the Philippines. The guests found the information from the books, magazines, and the online material database prepared during the exhibit very helpful especially with regard to each of its biological origins, production characteristics, supplier information, and relevant application and manipulation techniques.

“It’s an excellent showcase! Exhibiting the materials that can be found in the Philippines is a very good idea. I’m very happy that I was able to see and feel each of the local raw materials that are being utilized in this event,” Charles Ting, a CEO of a company who manufactures wall coverings from Taiwan, exclaimed.

HallONE is located at the International Trade Center (ITC) Complex, Roxas Boulevard corner Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Pasay City. It is a sourcing venue for features high-quality export products from the Home, Fashion and Food industry sectors. To visit its design-driven venue, contact its secretariat office at telephone number (+632) 831- 2201 local 253/600.

Design Center of the Philippines presents innovative, sustainable, and retrospective designs at Manila FAME

The Design Center of the Philippines envisions to become the “leading advocate of design innovation in the Philippines.”

The Design Center of the Philippines (Design Center) showcases various innovative designs, sustainable crafts, and reflective creations through five informative and engaging exhibits at the recently concluded Manila FAME Boutique Edition on April 21-24, 2016 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

Driven to promote innovation and increase productivity in the design industry, Design Center is the country’s primary design servicing agency.

“Mandated to promote design, the Design Center takes the opportunity to present the agency’s collection of innovative, sustainable crafts and designs in Manila FAME where global buyers and leading international designers turn for inspiration this side of Asia-Pacific,” said Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) Executive Director Rosvi C. Gaetos, also Design Center’s Officer-in-Charge.

In cooperation with CITEM, the organizer of Manila FAME, Design Center is exhibiting Balay Sisidlan: Architectural Baskets, Likha Kawayan: The Philippine Bamboo Showcase, Bamboo and Coco Coir Material Showcase; Sinag Papel: Paper Lamps; and, A Retrospect.

Balay Sisidlan: Architectural Baskets

With the vision of expressing the heart and soul of Filipino craftsmanship, the Balay Sisidlan features a line of baskets inspired by the architectural styles of different countries. The house baskets were launched in the late 1980s and were recently reinvented, with combined handwoven techniques and 3D printing for molds.

Balay Sisidlan reflects industrial designer Stephen Buñi’s reinvention strategies that address the decline in the demand of handwoven baskets and other Philippine rural crafts.

For the Manila FAME Boutique Edition, the Balay Sisidlan exhibit introduces a new addition to the architectural houses collection — handwoven and handpainted hanging and table lamps that also use natural and sustainable materials.

Balay Sisidlan house baskets are crafted by Design Center’s team of designers and researchers in collaboration with manufacturer That One Piece Enterprise.

Likha Kawayan: The Philippine Bamboo Showcase

In 2010, then president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed Executive Order No. 897, which specifies the use of bamboo for at least 25% of the desk and other furniture requirements for public and elementary schools. Design Center’s The Philippine Bamboo Showcase, in collaboration with the Philippine Bamboo Industry Development Council (PBIDC)  and the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI), in compliance with EO 897, is an exhibit of high quality school chairs crafted from bamboo.

The Likha Kawayan  exhibit at Manila FAME showcases home and school furniture and furnishings that used metal-veneered, wood-veneered, flattened, and engineered bamboo. Val Padilla was commissioned as designer, consultant, and mentor to Design Center’s designers. Also featured were cross veneered bamboo tiles, bamboo pole tiles, and an engineered bamboo console table.

coco coir1.png

Bamboo and Coco Coir Material Showcase

Another exhibit by Design Center in partnership with HallONE: Design for Exports promotes the innovative uses of sustainable materials bamboo and coco coir, a natural fiber extracted from coconut husk.

The Bamboo and Coco Coir Material Showcase stages a collection of floor tiles and wall panels using veneered, flattened, engineered bamboo, and art deco-inspired wall panels.


Sinag Papel: Paper Lamps

Design Center’s young industrial designers under the agency’s mentorship program crafted eco-friendly paper lamps from available scrap paper. The suspended lamps are minimalist and uses subtle color and lighting. Similar to making papier mache, several layers of recycled paper were shaped into globes and cones to create the lamps. The project promotes recycling, upcycling, and sustainability.

A Retrospect

The exhibit A Retrospect reflects Design Center’s long history of product development and innovation. Featured in this showcase are an array of pottery molded from well-mixed white clay and finished using different firing methods to display the aesthetic potential of the material. Several pieces incorporate the use of narra lids, giving the objects an organic charm. 

The contemporary ceramic bowls and containers were designed in 1983 while the vessels inspired by traditional pottery forms were designed in 1988 by Joel Enriquez with Ceramika Enzon.

The staff manning the Design Center exhibit at Manila FAME are young industrial designers from the agency’s designer immersion program. They regularly attend various workshops conducted by the top industrial designers in the Philippines and participate in workshops on materials manipulation. Exposure to different clients in the industry, design consultations and seminars are also a part of their learning program in Design Center.

“Our country has a strong design culture and we are blessed with talented and creative young people who are enthusiastic in learning more about design and creating solutions for current, real world issues. The Design Center contributes by intensifying its efforts in training and nurturing the country’s young minds and ensuring that the future has a ‘solid and vigorous design community,’” explained Gaetos.

The Design Center exhibit is one of the highlights of Manila FAME Boutique Edition.

Manila FAME, the country’s premier design and lifestyle trade show, ran from April 21-24, 2016, at the World Trade Center Metro Manila in Pasay City.

For more information on Design Center and Manila FAME, log on to www.manilafame.com.



Manila FAME Highlights: Day 4

Chilean designer Nelson Sepulveda takes part in DCP workshop at Manila FAME


Renowned Chilean designer and stylist Nelson Sepulveda (left) actively participates in a design workshop on palm frond weaving held recently at the lobby of the World Trade Center during the 63rd Manila FAME. Organized by the Design Center of the Philippines (DCP), the workshop was led by young industrial designers on materials, who also organized workshops on handmade paper filigree making, paper lamp making, and lamination of raw materials. DCP also presented pop-up settings on paper lamps, architectural baskets, and the Philippine bamboo as well as a raw materials gallery featuring bamboo and coco coir. Sepulveda is  currently in the country to develop product designs for Philippine handicrafts, as part of his commitment to stage a special setting in the forthcoming Manila FAME October 2016 show edition, in close coordination with international trend consulting company Edelkoort Etc.

The DA Pavilion at Manila FAME showcases gourmet gifts and health & wellness items


The Department of Agriculture – Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service (DA-AMAS) partnered with the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) in setting up the DA Pavilion in the 63rd edition of Manila FAME at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. DA-AMAS and CITEM organized the participation of the food as gifts as well as the body and wellness sectors in the trade show through a well-coordinated presentation of Gourmet Gifts and Health & Wellness items. The products featured in the pavilion were manufactured by select grassroot communities supported by DA-AMAS.

GIGA’s natural products featured at the DA Pavilion


GIGA Natural Products Specialist Corporation, a manufacturer and retailer of natural products, recently participated in the 63rd Manila FAME as one of the select MSMEs in the DA Pavilion. Manila FAME visitors raved about the company’s all-natural set of personal care products such as tea tree oil soaps, shampoo bars, virgin coconut oil soaps, body sprays, scalp conditioners, massage oils, baby soaps, and dog shampoo bars. GIGA seeks to expand its client base through active participation in both local and international trade shows. In photo: GIGA Sales Coordinator Jocelyn Bacay holding a sample of a tea tree oil soap, one of the company’s best-selling products in Manila FAME.

Yakan weaving products a hit at Manila FAME


Visitors to the 63rd Manila FAME flock to the booth of the Yakan Weavers Albarakkattu Multi-Purpose Cooperative, represented by member Angie Ilul (third from left). Featured in this One Town, One Product (OTOP) booth were a variety of Yakan products such as intricately woven table runners, place mats, shawls, slippers, espadrilles, purses, and travel kits. Ilul, a weaver-turned-entrepreneur, said that the cooperative’s participation in the Manila FAME April 2016 edition helped promote Yakan products in both the local and international markets, which would greatly benefit the Yakan weavers in Basilan. The Yakans are exquisitely known for the vibrancy of color in their cloth and their exceptional weaving techniques. The OTOP program of the Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion (BDTP) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is a priority program of the government that aims to promote entrepreneurship and job creation in the country’s various regions.

Silya, Elektrika atbp. promotes sustainable design


A family-run business based in Nueva Vizcaya, Silya, Elektrika atbp. designs and handcrafts products made from reclaimed wood and other materials and turns them into one-of-a-kind conversational pieces. In the 63rd edition of Manila FAME, the company’s well-designed and unique creations – from stools and benches to torch lights and wall arts — were a sure hit among OTOP visitors. Silya, Elektrika atbp. provides a distinct form in each product design, plans to open a shop in Manila soon for environment-conscious shoppers who are into sustainable design. In photo:  Silya, Elektrika atbp. Manager Gariel Peros and Industrial Designer Manolet Africa showcasing their products at their OTOP booth.

Manila FAME Highlights: Day 3

World-renowned Chilean designer Nelson Sepulveda to participate in Manila FAME October 2016 edition


Chilean designer, scenographer, and stylist Nelson Sepulveda presents his creative ideas on his would-be special setting in the October edition of Manila FAME during his recent visit in the 63rd edition of the trade show this April. He spoke about the importance of ‘romanticizing the handmade and abstracting everyday objects’ in doing design before a group of students, exhibitors, members of the press, and representatives of the Design Center of the Philippines (DCP) and the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM). For the October 2016 show edition, Sepulveda will collaborate closely with the international trend consulting company Edelkoort Etc. to develop designs for Philippine handcrafted baskets using natural materials, with the possibility of expanding the product lineup to include other everyday objects.

RIPPLES Plus highlights globally competitive SMEs at Manila FAME


The Regional Interactive Platform for Philippine Exporters (RIPPLES) Plus is a partnership program of the Export Marketing Bureau (EMB) with the Department of Trade and Industry-Regional Operations Development Group’s (DTI-RODG) Export Pathways Program (EPP). It enables the regional and provincial staff to handhold potential exporters through capacity-building trainings and provides direct interventions (e.g., product designs, market info seminars, compliance with market requirements, export marketing activities, and international trade fair participation) to potential and existing exporters enrolled under the EPP. The program aims to expand the supply base of globally competitive products and services as well as increase Philippine exports and international market shares. The RIPPLES Plus enrollees for 2016 include Calfurn Manufacturing Philippines, Inc.; Globeasia Nature Industries, Inc.; Jalikee Arts & Craft, JER Shellcrafts Creation International, Jhaz Footwear Store, Markalex Creative Crafts Corporation, Melquiades Ceramics, Shelmed Cottage Treasures, Starcrest Asia Corporation, and Tadeco, Inc.

The Artisans Village tells the stories of crafts from the islands


Lifestyle designer PJ Arañador teams up with product specialists Imelda Datul and Rachel Dagñalan in a creative collaboration with the local governments, regional offices of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and 45 SMEs from Albay, Cagayan, Davao, and Laguna. The Artisans Village plays a significant role in protecting, preserving and promoting the arts and crafts of the islands. It aims to celebrate the work of local artisans and master craftsmen highly skilled in weaving, wood carving, metal forging, and other various forms of traditional crafts. The Artisans Village at the 63rd Manila FAME is open until April 24. It remains to be one of the favorite trade show highlights of Manila FAME trade buyers and guests alike.

UAP Convention Exhibits deemed a success


The United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Convention Exhibits (CONEX) Organizing Committee presents a token of recognition for CITEM’s participation in CONEX 2016 at the Manila FAME Pavilion in SMX Convention Center. The Manila FAME Pavilion was a curated lounge which served as a promotional platform for the featured Philippine furniture and lighting manufacturers. The sophisticated presentation was well received by architect delegates, architecture practitioners, and the general public. UAP CONEX 2016 is the Philippines’ premier building and construction exhibition. In photo are the CONEX Organizing Committee members (from left); Architect Bryan Patrick Tan, CONEX Adviser; Architect Eduardo S. Casares, CONEX Adviser; Oliver Rempillo, Senior Exhibition Designer of CITEM; Architect Richard Garcia, CONEX Director; Architect Alejandro Cua, CONEX Adviser; Cristalle Bernardo, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist of CITEM; and Architect Gary Chung of CONEX Marketing.

Design Trails by Bambike at the Design Week Philippines


Design Trails by Bambike offers an exciting and unique opportunity for Design Week Philippines (DWP) visitors to rediscover the history, culture, and art scene of Intramuros through a guided bamboo bike tour of the Walled City. The DWP April 2016 celebration was well received by design aficionados from here and abroad. The Bambike tours will run until April 24. DWP is a multi-faceted platform that brings together creative visionaries from diverse backgrounds and disciplines in a series of programs and events that celebrate design and artistry. It fosters connections between creative industry practitioners and design enthusiasts in an interactive sharing of knowledge, ideas, and trends. It has become a national agenda that nurtures the creativity and design capability of the Philippines to usher in trade opportunities.

Manila FAME Highlights: Day 2

UAP Convention Exhibits (CONEX) 2016 features Manila FAME Pavilion


The United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Convention Exhibits (CONEX), ongoing at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City until 23 April 2016, features the Manila FAME Pavilion, as part of a partnership that aims to fortify the Philippine design and architectural enterprises’ foothold in the global scene. CONEX is the Philippines’ premier building and construction exhibition. It coincides with the 63rd edition of Manila FAME, a bi-annual showcase of craftsmanship, design innovation, and artisanship in Philippine products.


HallONE’s Manila FAME exhibit highlights the versatility of coco coir


HallONE teams up with DTI regional offices of CALABARZON, Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI), Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PHILFIDA), Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), and the Design Center of the Philippines (DCP) in presenting a special exhibit that explores new applications of coco coir as a raw material for home, lifestyle, and fashion products, amid its existing horticultural uses in the country. A complementary material showcase, featuring other Philippine indigenous materials that are just as versatile and available for sourcing, provides the backdrop for this exhibit.


Sen. Aquino supports the startups sector


Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, Chair of the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship, speaks on the second day of the Slingshot Philippines 2016 conference recently concluded at the Philippine Trade and Training Center (PTTC) in Pasay City. Aquino said that it’s high time to “kick-start changes and catapult the Philippines into the future” in order to be at the forefront of inclusive growth. A government-initiated platform for public dialogue and partnership, Slingshot Philippines 2016 is a national summit and exhibit which aims to develop the Philippine startup and innovation ecosystem.


Electric vehicle makes waves in Slingshot Philippines 2016 exhibit


The electric quadcycle known as “eQUAD” is one of the products of innovation featured at the Slingshot Philippines 2016 startup exhibit mounted at the PTTC recently. eQUAD is one of the first locally designed, manufactured, and mass produced electric vehicles by the Philippine Utility Vehicle (PhUV) Incorporated, the umbrella organization of companies and institutions that pioneered the electric vehicle industry in the Philippines. The exhibit targeted startup exhibitors from the following groups: funders and accelerators; startup/social enterprises, education services, and co-working spaces/incubators.