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Design Icons Budji Layug and Kenneth Cobonpue at FAME

Budji and Kenneth in Focus

Budji Layug and Kenneth Cobonpue once again showcased their exquisite furniture and home furnishings at Manila FAME, last 17 – 20 October 2012. Their special settings became one of the highlights of the show and featured ingenious designs and innovative uses of the country’s resources that made for stunning and tasteful creations.


Acclaimed furniture and interior designer Budji Layug has built his reputation on his holistic approach to design – designing from exterior to interior, creating timeless style. His designs are largely organic in form and material, using natural materials from the Philippines, as seen in his special setting with fellow designer Royal Pineda during the October Manila FAME.






A multi-awarded furniture designer, Kenneth Cobonpue has been dubbed “rattan’s first virtuoso.” He and his work have appeared in countless international periodicals and many of his designs have been featured in both film and television. At Manila FAME, he showcased his most acclaimed works in a fantastic display of home furniture and furnishings.





The Art of the Craftsman at Manila FAME’s Craft Spots

Coverphoto craftspots

Craftsmanship is a deeply rooted tradition in the Philippines where various craft forms are ingrained in the rich culture, and the art of the craftsman is passed on from generation to generation. Staying true to the theme “The Art of the Craftsman = The Soul of the Philippines,” Manila FAME’s Craft Spots brought raw craftsmanship to the trade show’s audience and told their story through live demonstrations, giving life to the country’s natural materials by creating extraordinary shape and form.

Bobbin Lace of Santa Barbara, Iloilo

Bobbin lace is a craft form of using bobbin or spindle to braid and twist thread to form intricate designs that result in beautifully made handkerchiefs, coasters, table cloths, mantles, and lace appliques. Through the organization Women United Through Handcrafted Lace and Embroidery (WUTHLE), this craft became a source of livelihood for ex-Hansenite (ex-leper) women and their relatives in St. Barbara, Iloilo.

Rice Baskets of Palawan

 The Pala’wan Rice Baskets are made by weaving soft bamboo strips on a rattan frame. There are three variations of the rice basket: the “tibong,” the biggest, stores up to a cavan of rice; the “tabig,” a basket of medium size and, like the first, it is mainly used for transporting and storing rice; the “tingkop” is the smallest basket which can sit on the palm of the hand and is used to carry rice seedlings ready for planting.

Giant Lanterns of San Fernando, Pampanga

The Giant Lanterns are crafted from readily available material – from wood, metal, Japanese paper and colorful plastics. First come the form, usually made of a strong metal wire, then wiring the light bulbs within the lantern, and finally covering the form with festive paper or plastic. Craftsmen are capable of creating the smallest to the largest of lanterns, some of which measure up to 15 feet or more.  In San Fernando, Pampanga these lanterns come to life during the annual Giant Lantern Festival.

Taka of Paete, Laguna

Taka is the art of papier-mâché from Paete, Laguna. Taka comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Designs are seasonal and are requested by clients – from Christmas motifs of Santa Claus, reindeers, and snowmen, traditional Filipino icons of carabaos and Maria Clara dolls, to the more modern designs of cherubs, soldiers, and animals.

See more of the country’s craftsmanship at Manila FAME on 14 – 17 March 2013. Save the dates!

Outdoor living, defined at Manila FAME’s Garden Pavilion

Manila FAME’s Garden Pavilion exhibited the art of outdoor living though different themes – Asian, American, British, and French gardens.

(1) Asian Garden, (2) American Garden, (3) French Garden, and (4) British Garden

The pavilion featured products made from sustainable and indigenous materials such as rattan, buri, bamboo, coconut, abaca, and nito. Products varied from outdoor to indoor furniture, garden ornaments and accents, to concepts that embody the beauty of life alfresco. Handcrafted material innovations for products using methods of stonecast, marmorcast, naturecast, and nucast were also displayed.

A variety of  products inside the different vignettes of the Garden Pavilion

Beautiful lanterns inside the Garden Pavilion’s courtyard

Caroline Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief of Gifts and Decorative Accessories, described the pavilion as “A visual display that was an oasis in the middle of the floor, but it also was a good cross-merchandised showcase of exhibitor’s wares.” You can visit the website of Gifts and Decorative Accessories HERE.

Caroline Kennedy’s take on the Garden Pavilion

The Garden Pavilion showcased a variety of products made by different Manila FAME exhibitors. Here’s a complete list of the companies who exhibited their products at the Garden Pavilion:

List of Exhibitors at the Asian Garden.

List of Exhibitors at the American Garden.

List of Exhibitors at the British Garden.

List of Exhibitors at the French Garden.

List of Exhibitors at the Garden Pavilion’s Courtyard.

Expect more of Philippine ingenuity at the 57th edition of Manila FAME as it shapes up to bring new and exciting products on 14-17 March 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The Art of the Craftsman rings true with the Journey of the Tao-Tao

Last October, the Fine Arts was among Manila FAME’s line up of exceptional show features in the form of the Journey of the Tao-Tao exhibit. The Manila FAME Fine Arts installation sought to showcase art pieces that honor Filipino culture and craftsmanship while keeping in line with the show theme “The Art of the Craftsman = The Soul of the Philippines.”

The Journey of the Tao-Tao comes to Manila FAME through the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) Philippines Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing international opportunities for artists, scholars, and cultural organizations in the Philippines. The Journey of the Tao-Tao highlights six life-size contemporary artworks by ACC grantees Irma Lacorte, Don Salubayba, Anton del Castillo, Gerry Leonardo and Noel Cuizon, appropriating traditional sculptures from the northern region of Asin, Benguet. Honoring the sculptors that originated the masterpieces, the grantees bring them back to life, merging tradition with contemporary and creating something different and unique but nonetheless new, changing, and inspiring.

Read more about Leopoldo and Fang-Od

Read more about Baleteng Tao and Monsoon Memories

Read more about That Virus Called Progress, Re-Contextualizing Faith and the Barrel-Man

Look forward to more Philippine craftsmanship at Manila FAME on 14-17 March 2013.

Now Trending: Style Spots

Project Director James Booth identified three global macro trends for the 56th edition of Manila FAME. These style indicators identify buying preferences such as aesthetics, materials and value preferred by the growing market. Select Manila FAME exhibitors developed a collection of products highlighted in several Style following these three trends:

ECO-SUSTAINABILITY is about sustainable materials, natural or man-made, used for products that are made through environmentally sound manufacturing.

Fine-bone china by CSM

Designed by Wataru Sakuma for CSM

HYPERLOCALISM is about heritage — both local and global or “glocal” — spotlighting the interpersonal connections within a community

Products using Philippine Traditional Patterns for One Town One Province (OTOP)

Designed by Jinggoy Buensuceso for OTOP

BEING IN CONNECTION is about bringing different generations together through color, texture, shape and branding.

Wooden products from Chanalli, metal products from Miles Ahead and fine-bone china products from CSM

Designed by Stanley Ruiz for Miles Ahead

Manila FAME’s 57th edition is gearing up for more exciting, inspiring products. Save the date: 14-17 March 2013.

The Katha Awards at Manila FAME

Design innovation and creativity pave the way for the latest recipients of the prestigious Katha Award last 17 October 2012 during the Manila FAME Opening ceremony.

Ann Ong receives the Katha Award for Best Product Design in Fashion presented by DTI Secretary Gregory L. Domingo, DTI Undersecretary Cristino Panlilio, and CITEM Executive Director Rosvi Gaetos

General Manager of Locsin International Robert Locsin takes home the Katha Award for Best Product Design in Furniture

Wataru Sakuma receives the Katha Award for Best Booth Display for MASAECO

For 29 years, the Katha Awards has been a purveyor of design excellence in the Philippines, giving distinction to the best talents in the country.

This October 2012 edition, the standards were high as a group of experts formed the judge’s panel. The diverse group gave keen eye, discerning taste, and outstanding expertise in choosing this edition’s Katha Awardees.

The judges during the Katha Awards deliberation at Manila FAME



Arch. Tobias Guggenheimer, Executive Director for Academics at SOFA Design Institute
Ms Daphne Oseña-Paez, TV host, producer, and businesswoman
Mr. Mitch Shivers, Entrepreneur, Industrial Designer, Faculty Member of the UP College of Fine Arts Diliman


Arch. Topy Vazquez, Owns T. I. Vasquez Architects & Planner Inc.
Arch. AJ Javier, Principal at Javier Design Studio Manila
Arch. Choie Funk, Principal at Atelier Funk Architecture


Mr. Ricky Toledo and Mr. Chito Vijandre, Proprietor of Firma and AC+632
Mr. Andres Vazquez-Prada, Creative director and Proprietor of W/17 Home


Mr. Rachy Cuna, Multi-talented “Floral Architect of the Philippines”
Ms Pauline Suaco-Juan, Editor-In-Chief of Preview Magazine
Ms Tatum Ancheta, Creative Director for Digital, Draft FCB and Creative Consultant People Asia Magazine

Katha Awards October 2012 is in cooperation with the National Council of Industrial Designers of the Philippines (NCIDP)

The Katha Awardees of October 2012

Spotted at Manila FAME Part 2!

Anchored to the theme “The Art of the Craftsman = The Soul of the Philippines“, Manila FAME showcased design-forward, high-quality, Philippine-made products at par with international standards. A visual feast like no other, Asia’s Design and Lifestyle Event brought together some of the biggest names in television.

Susan Calo-Medina, host of TV show “Travel Time”, paid Manila FAME a visit!
Award-winning journalist Ms. Jessica Soho enjoys Philippine craftsmanship at Manila FAME.
Kris Aquino featured Manila FAME on her talk show “Kris TV”
TV Personality Boy Abunda at Manila FAME!
Spotted: Newscaster Karen Davila
Celebrities Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson having fun.
Former Miss Universe Ms. Gloria Diaz
Angel Aquino strikes a pose at Ito Kish’s booth!
Newscaster Ces Drilon keeps up to date with the latest product designs at Manila FAME!
Maricar De Mesa and Marjorie Barretto having fun at the Craft Village!
Designer Renee Salud with world-renowned Fashion icon Josie Natori
Spotted: Sheryl Cruz at Manila FAME’s Craft Village
French-Filipina actress and TV host Solenn Heussaff at Manila FAME!
Actress Nanette Medved at Manila FAME’s Garden Pavilion.
Spotted: Filipina fashion designer Mich Dulce models one of her hats at Manila FAME!

Expect more of Philippine ingenuity on 14-17 March 2013 at the 57th edition of Manila FAME! Witness a bigger display of unique and globally competitive products at Asia’s Design and Lifestyle Event.