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#ManilaFAME: Why Using Social Media Is A Must For Trade Shows (Part 1)


Social media allow users to interact with others and, share and create content through online communities, making it a useful platform for promoting events and products. Incorporating social media in marketing anything ranging from events to products is a common practice in generating income and internet following.

On using #hashtags

Because of its wide usage, hashtags are no longer a foreign concept to advertisers and entrepreneurs. In fact, if you want to reach out to a larger audience and advertise anything related to your business and events, incorporating an appropriate hashtag to social media captions and posts would be more convenient. In the case of exhibits and trade shows, adding a hashtag your social media post (positive, of course!) about the event is necessary if you want to get more exposure on the platform.

Broad reach

As the world’s social media capital, there is not one Filipino who doesn’t have an account in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Because we get most of the information on current events and trends, logging into social media has become a routine rather than a habit, which makes information dissemination easier compared to other platforms. Within a single day, a post can reach thousands of users. Inviting people to trade shows are simpler today because an invite on Facebook can alert all of the users in your Friends list. Of course, it wouldn’t automatically translate to foot traffic; but, as long as it gets people talking, social media has already done its job.

Target audience

Through social media, you can target your intended audience in your posts. The one thing popular social media platforms have in common is that they allow your posts to simultaneously reach specific groups, often in particular locations. So if your accessories business is angling towards women in their late 20’s to early 50’s, there is a specific setting in the posts tab that allows you to do narrow down your posts to reach them.

Little to no cost

For many entrepreneurs, paying for advertisements on social media is not on the top of their priority list when you can use the extra money to buy more raw materials for your products. Social media is a free platform, which is greatly beneficial for entrepreneurs because it doesn’t cost much to send invites to prospective clients and visitors. Many platforms offer free advertising services to businesses while paid post boosting usually comes at a low cost.


By using your own words, and appropriate emojis, you can easily personalize your message, depending on the image of your brand/company, to your market. Many social media platforms allow personal messaging which makes communicating with customers, clients and collaborators on a personal basis much easier. Tactfully imparting your brand’s message can help you pull in more customers who seek healthy means of communication with their suppliers.

Instant feedback

May it be in the form of the quintessential ‘Like’ button or comments and shares, but feedback (or the lack of) is still feedback. It helps you determine if your brand’s message is reaching the right people; or, if there is something to be improved in the way you communicate with them. Many users post their inquiries in the comments section of posts, which is also a great way for you to gather feedback and connect with potential clients.


Organizing an exhibit is already taxing enough, so advertising your business should not be. Using social media in spreading the word of your trade show stint does not need high-level skills or high-end technology. As long as your phone has a connection to wifi, and an application that lets you connect to social media, you should have no difficulty inviting people to come see your show.

Narrowed search

Social media is a wide place, and hashtags play a crucial role in gaining interest in your social media posts. It gives necessary traffic and impressions, courtesy of users to properly market your products. Adding a hashtag to your captions and posts helps increase your social media presence because they make your content visible to anyone who has an interest in your hashtag. But it goes beyond accumulating traffic. Associating your business to appropriate hashtags also aids in building your brand by letting you engage with visitors and join in conversations.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, adding hashtags to social media content related to shows you are a part of give you the opportunity to be noticed in conversations about the occasion and establish your company as a voice in such topics. Adding hashtags to your social media posts is not a trade secret anymore. In fact, failing to add a hashtag associated to your brand and events in social media causes entrepreneurs and exhibitors to miss the opportunity to reach out to market beyond the four walls of the exhibition venue.

Remember that using hashtags and social media in marketing your stay at trade shows is a two-way street. While you can get noticed through hashtags, it is also important to be committed in engaging to related conversations to maintain your relevance in your chosen hashtags.

Once you have made a social media account for your business, all you have to do next is join the country’s leading trade shows like the upcoming Manila FAME October 2018 Edition on 19-21 October, at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, where you can keep your clients and collaborators updated. The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), the export promotion arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), is the proud organizer of the Manila FAME.

Registration for interested exhibitors is still open. For more information, visit the official website at



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Four Ways Filipino Artisans Can Expand Their Market

Artisanship is natural to the innately creative Filipino, but without the right avenues to promote their products, they will remain as anonymous craftsmen instead of turning their art into sources of income that can reach markets all the way to the other side of the world. The talent and craftsmanship are already a given, but what artisans need are the right platforms to globally expand their market. So how can Pinoy craftsmen and artisans expand their market globally?

Master your craft


Wooden Carved Heads With Or Without Glass Eyes by Chanalli

Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious.” Artisans are an exclusive community of thinkers, builders and creators who should meet other like minded people every once in a while to showcase their products and connect with potential clients. By mastering their craft, no matter how simple or complex they think it is, artisans can be known to a wider community and become the go to person for buyers and exporters.

Embrace technology

Eyes glued to their phones, fingers tied to keyboards and derriere planted to their desk, millennials are very well known for their amusement to technology and everything they can do with it. They no longer hold interest in traditional forms of art, and if they ever do, these crafts will stay only at the very bottom of their online cloud storage, never to be seen again. Many craft studios are now putting up websites and online shops in order to reach more people and gather more clients. Innovating your craft by selling them at trade shows in creative ways can attract the market to patronize their products. Embracing technology not only allows artisans to connect with their clients in other parts of the world, but also attract the younger audience to patronize their products.

Be original


Resin Decorative Figurines by Art24, Inc.

A lot of artists specialize in oil painting, others in weaving and pottery, attest to the fact that each one of them is unique and deserves attention and publicity.  And with the right platform, artisans and entrepreneurs can reach out to the people they aim to cater to. Trade shows help artists sell their products to the international market, while still encouraging them to be true to their art, by encouraging them to exhibit products that are unique and innovative.

Build your connections


Local trade shows allow Filipino artisans to meet clients and fellow craftsmen from all over the world. Manila FAME is poised to become a collective of creative enterprises representing the best of the Philippines’ home, fashion, holiday gifts, and visual arts sector, making it the perfect platform to sell your products and build a network.

Manila FAME is the second longest-running trade show in Asia-Pacific, and the only trade event in the Philippines approved by Union des Foires Internationales, a Paris-based association of trade organizers founded 90 years ago.

Take your craft to the next level and find new ideas, techniques and materials the world has never seen before. Catch Manila FAME on October 19-21, at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, Pasay City. The Center for International Trade expositions and Missions (CITEM), the export promotion arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), is the proud organizer of the Manila FAME. Registration for interested exhibitors are still open. For more information, visit the official website at