6 Things To Do For A Successful Trade Show Participation

6 things to do

Entrepreneurs join trade shows as a marketing strategy to expand their business and attract more clients. Micro-, small-, and medium-scale entrepreneurs (MSME’s) greatly benefit from trade shows because it helps them meet different buyers and traders who seek to connect with business partners.

Trade shows expose businesses to a wider and more diversified market by inviting sellers and buyers to come together and discover what the market has to offer and hopefully create a partnership with one another.

However, expanding your business does not begin and end on signing up for trade shows. Entrepreneurs also have to do some work to effectively utilize these shows to engage with potential clients. That day will surely be the busiest, so here is a checklist of the things trade show exhibitors must do to fully enjoy their stint in their upcoming trade shows:

  1. Know your target clients and send them invites.

The very first step to having a successful trade show is acquainting yourself with the people who will be there. Doing some research can help you better understand what your market wants/needs, when they need it, and where they want to get them. It will also help you know how to best present your products in a way that they be enticed into investing. Once you have nailed down their behavior and attitude, you can use your networking capabilities such as social media, e-mail and business groups you belong to, to get in touch with collaborators and customers to stop by and see what you have in store for them.

  1. Identify products you can showcase.

Many trade shows hire product specialists to help exhibitors gain more knowledge on how to present the best products they can sell to their target markets. This knowledge can help you easily identify which of your products would suit your chosen trade show and market best, providing you the opportunity to offer something valuable to the attendees.

  1. Come up with an inviting stand/ booth design.

Trade shows typically offer the booth and the space itself bare. When you finally get your assigned location, it is best to choose a design that highlights the selling point of your business and products. A well-lit and uncluttered booth is a simple and subtle way to grab people’s attention and attract many visitors.

  1. Get rid of chairs.

Unless they are part of your exhibit, putting chairs in your booth is a no-no. Sitting down may send the wrong message to your customer that no one is visiting your booth. The lack of chairs will also entice them to look around your booth instead of simply using your space to rest their feet from walking around the show too much. Besides, if you are occupying a small space, chairs can make what limited space you have look crowded.

  1. Gather contact info.

You know those people who said they will look you up and contact you when they get home? They probably won’t. Instead of simply giving out calling cards, be the one to get in touch with the clients by gathering their contact information. This will not only help you maintain contact with them, it will also entice them to buy your products or invest in your business.

  1. Have giveaways.

Everyone loves giveaways. Regardless if it is a small keychain or a sampler of your products, you are more likely to be remembered by visitors if you give out little trinkets when they visit your booth. Instead of giving out a cardboard calling card, you can be creative in your ways of handing out information about your company and your products.

And please, no brochures. Unless they ask, they would probably feel uncomfortable going around the venue lugging around a thick catalogue. The show organizers have already done the job of compiling the contact details of all the exhibitors in the show guide to save you from the extra work. Be more creative and give out your catalogue in flash drives or disks, which they can easily fit into their pockets, so they can view your catalogue at home or while on the go.

Trade shows are like house parties where you take a lap, greet the people you already know and introduce yourself to the ones you don’t. Entrepreneurship is, first and foremost, about networking so don’t hesitate to make some rounds and socialize regardless if they are potential clients, collaborators, or competitors.

Now that you know the basic rules of a successful stint in trade shows, you can now confidently check out the leading and most fab trade shows in the Philippines like the 68th Edition of Manila FAME on October 19-21 at World Trade Center Metro Manila. Manila FAME, where a wider market  comprised of foreign and local buyers convene in the country. The Center for International Trade Expositions And Missions (CITEM), the export promotion arms of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), is the proud organizer of the Manila FAME.

Registration for interested companies are still open. You can visit the show’s official website at http://www.manilafame.com and find out if this is the right show for you and your products.


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