Fashion Philippines—Hot-tipped to take the prize at IFS 2015


Hot-tipped as the country to take the 2015 prize at the International Fashion Showcase, the Philippines returns to London this February 19-24 after leaving a powerful, lasting impression at last year’s IFS, the world’s largest public fashion exhibition. Fashion Philippines is now equipped with collections inspired by the mythical creatures in Philippine folklore.

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The Fashion Philippines participation at IFS is spearheaded by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), the export promotion arm of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). “As envisioned by CITEM, the design (of the Philippine Pavilion at the IFS) is inspired by Philippine folklore, showcasing jusi, abaca, hemp and pineapple fibers and capiz shells but in a contemporary and sophisticated twist to highlight interesting textures and unusual shapes that capture the essence of various mythical creatures,” said CITEM Executive Director, Rosvi C. Gaetos.

Top (left to right): Jaggy Glarino, John Herrera, Ken Samudio, Michelline Syjuco, Renan Pacson  Bottom: Tony Evan

Top (left to right): Jaggy Glarino, John Herrera, Ken Samudio, Michelline Syjuco, Renan Pacson
Bottom: Tony Evan

Top (left to right): Jaggy Glarino, John Herrera, Michelline Syjuco Bottom (left to right): Renan Pacson, Tony Evan, Ken Samudio

Top (left to right): Jaggy Glarino, John Herrera, Michelline Syjuco
Bottom (left to right): Renan Pacson, Tony Evan, Ken Samudio

The team of six young rising designers showcasing their talent at Brewer Street Car Park includes Jaggy Glarino, John Herrera, Ken Samudio, Michelline Syjuco, Renan Pacson and Tony Evan.  Led by widely known Philippine set and costume designer Gino Gonzales, they have come up with a theatrical and thought-provoking rendition of the fascinating tales and legends that dominate culture and society.

Jaggy Glarino

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Jaggy Glarino is making a name for himself with his outstanding and intricately-woven knitwear. His innovative use of organic cotton yarns from pineapple and jute – combined with his skilled hands and keen attention to detail liberates flat patterns creating varied textures and dimensions. Jaggy’s IFS collection will champion indigenous fibres and weaves from the Philippines with its multi-dimensional approach through experimentation, and skillful play of fabrics and techniques.

John Herrera


John is carving his own niche in the Philippine fashion Industry for his skills in laser-cut fabric manipulation. His unique pieces use indigenous materials such as banana fibre, pineapple silk, and silk cocoon to help support traditional weavers from the province of Lumban, Quezon. He believes that the magic in his every creation lies in his hands as a pattern maker. In the IFS show, John seeks to promote the use of indigenous Philippine textiles with his fashion forward silhouettes and skilled technical construction.

Ken Samudio


Ken Samudio – is a marine biologist-turned-accessory designer – is constantly inspired by the diversity in the coastal and reef system of the islands of the Philippines. His pieces – created with up-cycled beads made from plastic bottles and recycled glass combined with bamboo and abaca – earned him critical acclaim at the IFS 2014. Without any formal education in fashion, Ken continues to thrive in the industry armed only with his raw talent, determination and innate creativity.

Michelline Syjuco

slide4Michelline was born into a family of artists. Her passion is creating life size sculptures made of wood and metal. In IFS, Michelline will create hand-forged accessory pieces made from fallen trees during the last belt of super typhoons that hit the Philippines and hundred-year-old woods taken from old railroad tracks and heritage houses. These will be used in combination with recycled bullet shells, metal sheets, nuts, bolts, and other pre-fabricated metal parts and fixtures. Michelline aspires to elevate the state of experimental fashion in the Philippines, and ultimately, around the world.

Renan Pacson


Renan firmly embraces his roots in his designs and felt compelled to ‘give something back’ to his hometown in the province of Nueva Ecija. To support the livelihood of single mothers in his community in San Antonio, he employs them to sew pieces for him. He is also part of the One-Town-One Shoe project, which helps sustain the traditional shoe making in his community. His IFS collection will show his mastery of creating luxury street-wear and skillfully mixing local fibres.

Tony Evan


Tony Evan has learned to developed restraint and a good eye for editing his works. His designs convey stories through the use of simple lines and the careful placement of seams. Rapt by religious images and Biblical symbolism, Tony creates headpieces from unorthodox materials: cables, drinking straws, natural fibers and tree bark. Tony’s pieces for the IFS are meant to hold a heightened sense of drama, touching on historical and cultural references.


Set to be bigger and better than ever before this 2015, the International Fashion Showcase is a fashion exhibition which runs in parallel with London Fashion Week. It is a joint venture between the British Council and British Fashion Council presenting 110 emerging designers from nearly 30 countries.


The CITEM-led Philippine participation at IFS London is in partnership with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center-London, the commercial arm of the Philippine Embassy in the UK.

For more information, visit the Fashion Philippines microsite.

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  1. Christy

    Got to see them in London and I love all the works of the designers but what I really is Love Ken Samudio’s works! I mean, WOW! How can you even think of using plastic bottles and glass in making beads in creating accessories? Brilliant Mind! Really! Any chance they might show their works again in another event? Love to come again!

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