Kit Silver Jewelry: From Junk to Jewels

Walking around the SMX Convention Center during the 60th Manila FAME, you can’t help but praise the craftsmanship of the Filipinos. You see the product of exhibitors working hard day and night to come up with innovative designs.

Mila Imson of Kitsilver Jewelry

Mila Imson of Kit Silver Jewelry

With her kind personality and eye-catching showcase, one of the exhibitors that caught the eyes of various buyers was Kit Silver Jewelry and its owner and designer, Milagros Imson. The handcrafted jewelry and accessories line was founded back in 1980 in Meycauayan, Bulacan. They started out producing mainly gold jewelry and soon expanded to silver and brass, with the latter capturing the larger market resulting in a more successful business.

ROZ_2612Starting out locally in bazaars, they have made their way to becoming a big time exporter in the industry with well-known buyers coming mainly from Dubai and Paris. Recognized for its intricate craftsmanship, Kit Silver Jewelry won the Katha Award for Best Product Design in Jewelry for their Feather Agate by Lafina Moda back in 2012.

Milagros Imson gets her inspiration from nature, particularly from the bark of trees, using junk pieces and transforming them into fine jewelry. She showed one particular impressive purse with a handle made out of the metal at the back of a refrigerator.

This 60th Manila FAME, she showcases the “Balabal,” a piece that definitely was the most attention-catching with several personalities purchasing and inquiring details about it.

Balabal by Mila Imson

Balabal by Mila Imson

Kit Silver Jewelry can be found at Booth K2-K3 on the second floor here at the 60th edition of Asia’s premier design and lifestyle event opened till the 19th of October here at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

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