Philippine Creativity and Craftsmanship Stand Out at interiorlifestyle Tokyo

Philippine design stood out in The Land of the Rising Sun when the country participated in last June’s interiorlifestyle Tokyo, the leading design-oriented trade fair in Japan for the high-end interior market.

Maze Furniture, Obra Cebuana, and De la Cruz House of Piña displayed quite a range of products that catered to older Japanese visitors that preferred minimalist, elegant, and functional designs to the younger generation that gravitated towards the more forward and striking designs. Praises ran plenty for the Philippine products as Japanese buyers took notice of quality, craftsmanship, creative use of natural materials, and competitive pricing.

Nito, a vine-like material was well liked for its adaptability to be formed into elegant products by buyers from  Japanese buyers Marubeni Fashion Planning, Tokyo Direct Import Center Co. Ltd., and Yamazen.

Distinct Philippine craftsmanship will once again take on the global stage at the Manila FAME on  17 – 20 October 2012. Discover the story behind “The Art of the Craftsman = The Soul of the Philippines”  during this Design and Lifestyle Event.

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This article is also found at THECITEMBLOG.

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