Manila FAME, Craftsmanship, and the Philippine Soul

Manila FAME sets its sights on a bigger show this October 2012 – a trade show that connects to the emotions and shares the stories behind the Philippines, its crafts and craftsmen. For the coming October trade event, Manila FAME embodies the theme “The Art of the Craftsman = The Soul of the Philippines.”

Throughout Philippine history, craftsmanship and its different forms have always been prevalent. The Filipinos have an innate inclination to create, exemplifying the state of being engaged in their craft and taking a sense of joy and pride in their work.

The Filipino craftsman dedicates himself to his art and telling the story of the Philippines, bearing its truest essence, its soul for the world to see. There are many a story to share, each unique, each with its own mystique. These are stories ingrained in the art, told by the craftsman, sparking a connection that moves your emotions and you, in turn, answer with awe and fascination. Visual and tactile impressions pique your curiosity and you desire to know more and await for another story to be told, to connect with your soul.

See and hear the stories of the Filipino Craftsman at Manila FAME, The Design and Lifestyle Event. Witness as everything unfolds and reveals true craftsmanship at its finest at the trade show that celebrates design and craftsmanship and everything Filipino.

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  1. Joel de Guzman

    Hi, I’m a luthier. I designed and built the carbon-fiber-bamboo guitar. Here’s the link: There’s lots of interest worldwide with this unique guitar and I intend to go into production, but it’s very difficult to find craftsmen I can hire. I’d really want to connect to other craftsmen. Would you know where I can go to find the skills I need?

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